Launch of book three!!

March 18, 2015
So...... at last, something to tell you all....!
Going to Blazes has just been released. This is book three of the ongoing series, and continues to paint the fascinating picture of life in a rural fire brigade. There's more bizarre characters to deal with, more animals causing us to scratch our heads, and more challenges to face. The biggest challenge was starting to ride the Emergency Tender, the two man vehicle which goes to all the serious car accidents....... and my very first incident proved to be a real emotional and practical test!
I'm really happy that so many people, all over the world, have enjoyed reading my first two books.
 I hope you all enjoy GOING TO BLAZES.


Wonderful email from Canada

January 2, 2015
Good Day, Malcolm. Just finished reading All Fired Up and thoroughly enjoyed it. Brought back a host of memories as I started in the fire service here in Canada (1975) about the same time as you did. Remember well, for example, using a circular cut saw at motor crashes long before the hydraulic tools came out. I was 19 years in the volunteer service(retained, I think you call it in the UK) and have been a full time chief officer since 1995. Still at it and will have 40 years in this...
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Nice to be recognised....!

September 10, 2014
So there I was, coming to the end of a 30 minute telephone conversation with Celia from the planning dept at the local council. To be fair I felt almost overwhelmed with the amount of red tape and bureaucratic nonsense we'd been talking about, but she had shown the patience of a saint and now the light was beginning to dawn. She asked me for my email address, which I duly gave..... "Malcolm Castle?" she asked. "You're not the Malcolm Castle who writes the books about life in the fire service ...
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