....and after the book signing!
Posted by Malcolm Castle on Monday, May 20, 2013

What a lot of fun on Saturday. Thank you to all of you who called in to see me, buy books, and even bring me coffee. It was a really nice experience and I look forward to the next one.

Great day with Casualty team
Posted by Malcolm Castle on Thursday, May 2, 2013

Had a wonderful experience down in Cardiff. The get together off the Casualty production team was taking place in a beautifully situated country hotel overlooking Cardiff. I arrived early because of the train times and had to walk in on a meeting in full swing. They were discussing character development for the Autumn and I was surprised to see how cooperative and friendly the discussion was. There were about 30 people around a square of tables. Producers, writers, directors, and support staff. The meeting finished half an hour after I joined it and we had lunch. My contact for the day, Ffion Miles, sat with me so the next hour was spent eating and talking (exactly what my Mother said I shouldn't do!!).

Afterwards, the team reassembled around the square of tables and it was my turn. I was a little nervous as I didn't know Exactly what they actually wanted, but Roz (the producer) quickly filled me in and introduced me..... and off I went!

There then followed a most wonderful hour of stories about a whole range of incidents, funny stories, and answers to all the questions being fired at me. The hour flew by and I hope they got a few good ideas to work with. I'm told that if they decide to feature an incident where the fire service and paramedics work together then they'll call me back if they need me to provide guidance on procedures, techniques, and authenticity.  

I look forward to that!

Posted by Malcolm Castle on Monday, May 7, 2012

Went to Hexham last week. Sadly, the presentation was cancelled. It's a lovely town though so not a completely wasted journey. I also met Claire from Cogito Books. A wonderful bookshop situated on a beautiful little street full of charm and character, in the centre of the town. She was telling me of all the things which she organises in the literary world up there. She had such enthusiasm that I felt sure whatever she organised would be a success.

If you're reading this and happen in the future to be up that neck of the woods, call in to Cogito Books, buy a copy of All Fired Up, and say hello to Claire for me!