The adventure takes another turn!
Posted by Malcolm Castle on Saturday, April 20, 2013

Got an email from Jess Gulliver (my publicist) asking me to phone the production team of BBC's Casualty. I did just that and now have been invited to join them for a day to give them any help I can with future story lines which may include the fire service. It's great that they are keen to make their programmes as authentic as they can by getting advice from people who have some experience in the subject, and it's a wonderful experience for me.......especially when my daughter found out that Dr Who was filmed at the same studios, so I've now been elevated somewhat in her estimations.

The Chrissy B Show
Posted by Malcolm Castle on Monday, April 1, 2013

Got a text on 20th March asking me to appear on the Chrissy B Show the following Wednesday. It's quite a small station (My Channel on Sky 203 to be precise), but it was a wonderful opportunity for me as it was going out live. They got my name from which I have recently subscribed to.

The topic for the show was Trauma, and the first guest had an unbelievably traumatic story to tell of her days in Uganda. She has come through it now and was an inspiration to meet, but I felt that my stories from a fireman's point of view would pale into insignificance by comparison. Thankfully Chrissy B guided the thread of the show round to allow me to bring a little light relief to the end of the programme. We ran out of time very quickly so she invited me back live on air, to continue talking about what my books are about.... the changes the fire service has gone through over the last 30 years, but from a humorous viewpoint!

A wonderful experience for me, and if you'd like to take a look I'll be posting the link as soon as the show is available on the net.

Posted by Malcolm Castle on Monday, April 1, 2013

Went down to London to do the TV show and thought I'd meet some of the people who help me with my books; just to say hello. The first meeting was with my Literary Agent, Andrew Lownie. I'd asked him to also invite Meg Davies, a TV agent because she was pushing my books for TV and I'd never met her. She turned out to be a wonderfully friendly yet impressively professional woman. I liked her immediately, although I was a little crest-fallen when she told me that the TV producers out there were concentrating on other topics, and my style of book wasn't in vogue at the moment. We talked of other areas within my life and one struck her as a real possibility, so she's now asked me to get a proposal put together to put to the producers with the view to make a TV series about it.

Then..... the following day I had a meeting with Alan Samson, my publisher. He welcomed me into his office with a request to his assistant to break open a bottle of champagne and bring the rest of the team in to toast the launch of Great Bales of Fire. So with charged glasses, Alan, Lucinda, Holly and I raised a 'cheers' to the continued success of the series of books.

With his next breath he asked me 'If I'd be so kind as to write the next in the series?'. A wonderful surprise! So now 'Going to Blazes' is going to be written.

Alan also asked if he could have first option on the proposal for the new fictional stories, with a view to making them into a series of books to run alongside my All Fired Up series!!!!!!!

So, Quite a week!!! Lots to get my teeth into.

Launch day
Posted by Malcolm Castle on Monday, April 1, 2013

March 21st arrived, and Great Bales of Fire was released for sale. As a celebration, Orion (my publishers) sent me a bottle of champagne.... in a wooden box no less!, and also to my door came my complimentary copies. It was wonderful to see the actual book in all it's glory. It's the culmination of a very interesting and involved process and one which I'd thoroughly enjoyed!

Countdown to launch
Posted by Malcolm Castle on Monday, April 1, 2013

Decided to do a countdown on Facebook, in anticipation of the launch of Great Bales of Fire on 21st March. This is the second in the series and, as now I'm trying to use social media to help promote my writing, I came up with the idea of having 10 different pictures using odd perspective angles, with a different one each day.

The idea worked well and i've tripled my number of friends and many of them shared my posts which meant the news of the launch spread far and wide. Lets hope that at least a few of that number buy a copy!!!!

Abbotsholme School speech
Posted by Malcolm Castle on Monday, April 1, 2013

Had an invitation recently to give the speech at the 'Leaver's Weekend at Abbotsholme School.

Really looking forward to it, especially as I'll be able to catch up with a great friend while I'm there

After Dinner Speaking successes
Posted by Malcolm Castle on Monday, April 1, 2013

Did two events on two consecutive days. Both went extremely well especially the one in front of 158 members of a ladies dining club!! I loved doing them both and got the impression that the audiences rather enjoyed them too.

Coming up to the 200th gig soon so I'll have to put my mind to something a little special to celebrate when it arrives.

New Year's Resolution for 2013
Posted by Malcolm Castle on Monday, April 1, 2013

My agent, Andrew Lownie, suggested that I get to grips with the social media to promote my books. I took his advice and last march started using Facebook. Thing is.... once I'd written some intros, I coukdn't think of what else to say! So I very quickly went off the boil and didn't post another thing.

So my resolution for 2013 was to get back into it and blinkin well learn how to use facebook in the way Andrew imagined. I back-filled what had happened over the last year, and now am trying to keep my posts up to date!!!! We'll see.......