I decided I'd like to take my publisher, Alan Samson out for lunch. He's been incredibly supportive and encouraging over the last couple of years, so I thought a 'thank you' lunch was in order. I asked him to choose a venue, but insisted that I would pay. This was potentially risky as Alan's office is just across the road from The Ivy, But I reckoned even if he took me there, it would be money well spent.
I caught the train down to Euston and met Alan at Orion's office. He told me we were going to a 'Loire Valley Gastro Pub'. Wow I thought.....what's one of those?? Well, it's simply a wine bar style restaurant whose wine comes from the Loire Valley....Doh!!
Alan's a great conversationalist, and it became almost an inconvenience to put food in my mouth with there being so much to talk about. One little nugget which Alan casually slipped into the conversation (I think on purpose), was that he'd been out to dinner recently with the head of BBC drama and had been talking about my series of books. Apparently they were very interested, which I must admit stopped me in my tracks. This was HUGE news, and I think Alan quite enjoyed seeing me in such a dumbfounded state!
The lunch was great, as was the company, but then, as if to put a cherry on top of the cake, Alan put the meal on Orion's card, so I didn't end up paying after all....!
So we're 'watching this space' at the moment, but it has to be said (without bias of course) that the story, setting, characters, and incidents make for a potentially wonderful series on TV. I'm very happy that Alan believes this too!!

When there's more news.... You'll be the first to know.....