The TV story continues

August 13, 2014
Y'know, one of the many great things about my publisher Alan Samson, is that even though the list of authors he represents reads like a blinkin Who's Who, he still manages to make time for us 'smaller fish'.
He's still in discussion with the head of BBC Drama about them making a series of my books, and is convinced that something will happen in that area in the fullness of time. I'm very happy to believe this obviously.
So it's another case of 'Watch this space'

Catch up #6. Lunch with Alan, and wonderful news!

July 11, 2014
I decided I'd like to take my publisher, Alan Samson out for lunch. He's been incredibly supportive and encouraging over the last couple of years, so I thought a 'thank you' lunch was in order. I asked him to choose a venue, but insisted that I would pay. This was potentially risky as Alan's office is just across the road from The Ivy, But I reckoned even if he took me there, it would be money well spent.
I caught the train down to Euston and met Alan at Orion's office. He told me we were goin...
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Catch up #5. The Author's Party

July 11, 2014
This year the party took place in the Paul Hamlyn Hall, at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.
As it turned out, as partners aren't invited, and as the people I would normally link up with weren't going this year, I did spend the first twenty minutes walking round the outside of the gathered throng, on my own. Fortunately, with there being free champagne and canapes on offer, I was soon in a happy enough state to talk to anyone!! I did however meet Alan Samson, my publisher, and have a grea...
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