Good Day, Malcolm. Just finished reading All Fired Up and thoroughly enjoyed it. Brought back a host of memories as I started in the fire service here in Canada (1975) about the same time as you did. Remember well, for example, using a circular cut saw at motor crashes long before the hydraulic tools came out. I was 19 years in the volunteer service(retained, I think you call it in the UK) and have been a full time chief officer since 1995. Still at it and will have 40 years in this February...still loving every day of it too. We have three full time admin staff and 54 volunteers working out of 2 stations. We are as far south in Canada as you can get and actually travel north to go to the USA. Our website is if you want to have a look. Thanks again for sharing your memories. I could not put the book down and am really looking forward to getting a hold of the sequel. Take care and best wishes and good health in 2015.