25th February 2012 - I did an interview with the Daily Express following the controversy created when a man unfortunately drowned after emergency services were prevented from attempting a rescue due to health and safety guidelines. The full article can be read at http://www.express.co.uk/features/view/304269/It-would-never-have-happened-in-our-day

7th March 2012 - Interview with 'The Weekly News' about All Fired Up and it's forthcoming release.

10th March - Just been into Waterstones and seen a large pile of my books on a central table right in front of me when I walked into the shop. Great position! Especially as there was one copy upright on a stand. It's not quite the launch date but perhaps they couldn't wait..... Nice thought!!

14th March - Doing a series of interviews from Radio Shropshire studios. Apparently there will be slots allocated to any BBC local radio station throughout the country who wants to interview me. I'm looking forward to a busy time. Should be fun!