I had been asked to be the guest speaker at the 'Summer Gathering' at Abbotsholme School. This is when the sixth formers bid farewell to their years at a quite fantastic independent school. I had decided to split my speech into two halves. The first half poked a little light-hearted fun at the Headmaster who is a friend from way back. He is very highly respected in his profession so I was careful to be selective with my choice of stories. The second half concentrated on my adventures in becoming an author. I hope the experiences I've had, and the philosophies I live by inspired at least a few of the school leavers.I was made incredibly welcome and with a whole weekend of activities and entertainment in the wonderful weather and the beautiful surroundings, I ended up having had one of the most enjoyable weekends I've had it ages!!! Thank you Steve and Heather for your superb hospitality. Please visit the Gallery to see some pictures from the weekend.