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My first appearance on    'The Chrissy B Show'. March 20th 2013.

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All Fired Up. Released 15th March 2012 

 About Me

I joined Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service as a very young eighteen year old in 1980. I've recently retired and started drawing a pension after completing thirty-one years on Red Watch at Shrewsbury fire station.

I started writing books a few years ago after realising that there was no one out there in the main stream writing about the incredibly varied, interesting, exciting, challenging, and often humorous life of a firefighter living and working in a rural county. You can read more about my books via the link at the top of this page.

The stories which have come out of my long career have already been put to good use in the area of After Dinner Speaking (see above). This is something I get a huge amount of pleasure doing and, judging from the reaction of the hundred or so audiences I've entertained, they quite like it too.

You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook where I will do my best to keep you informed of the publication dates of my books, which will eventually become part of a series; and of any other future events I will be involved in.


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Great Bales of Fire Released 21st March 2013